A Family Affair

Life is busy. It is busy if you are single, dating, married without kids, and married with kids. It can certainly be difficult to find time to get a workout in when you have work or school responsibilities, families to take care of, and church or community activities. By the time the day is through, it can feel as though life has sped right on by without time to take care of yourself.

I have good news. It can be done. Getting even a short 15 minute work out in is better than not working out at all. Carve out a set time each day to exercise. It’s important to make it a priority. Something that works for my family is to make it a group activity. Go for a walk, run or bike ride as a family. Work out in the house or outside by asking the kids to try and do simple exercises with you. My toddler loves to do yoga with my wife and does squats and push ups with us as we do them. Kids learn by example. They want to do what they see their parents doing. If our kids see us exercising and eating healthy, they are going to want to follow suit. If they see that taking care of our body is fun and important than they will be more likely to have a positive body image.

Here are a few activities and exercises you can do as a whole family:

-Go for a bike ride, run or walk


-Push ups

-Walking lunges

-Jumping Jacks




-Overhead shoulder press (they can do them without any extra weight, or they could pick up something light like a pool noodle or roll of paper towel if they want a weight like you have.)



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